Monday, December 29, 2008

Mission 10 Cheat Guide!

Here is the written walkthrough:
1. Click on G and get in the conversation.
2. Once finsihed click the solar panel in the box to your left.
3. Go to the beach then the lighthouse.
 4. Pick up the cream soda and drag it to your inventory.
5. Go to the beach and talk to jet pack guy, Once finished Blabbering give him the cream soda.
6. Do the following to the jars of cream soda:.


7. Now that you have finished that, go to the dock.
8. Now click the penguin and ask him for his rope.
9. Drag the rope to your inventory.
10. Go to the gift shop, and click the manager.
11. Talk to the manager then get the stuff beside him and drag it into your invetory.
12. Set all the stuff in front of the giftshop.
13.Go back into the gift shop and talk to Rookie.
14. After blabbering, Take the Solar Panel out of your inventory and put it on the wires.
15. Do the maze thingy, after done it should look like this:.
16. After that, go inside the nightclub.
17. Take the rope out of your inventory and put it on the cage lifter.
18. When the rope is in place click the red leaver.
19. It wont work, Open your spy phone, then click on "tools", click the wrench.
20. Open the Cage lifter with the wrench.
21. CLick on the whole ib the cage lifter.
22. Put all the gears in the right place. (Note: Yours might not look like the following image)
23. Now click the leaver again.
24. Go to the dock.
25. Youll get a call on your phone saying that herbert is at the dock.
26. Find Cluntzy holding a herbet dummy.
27. After you discover its a dummy, youll get another call saying hes at the night club.
28. Go to the night club.
29. Click on Hebert then trap him when its time.
30. Hebert will lift up the cage
31. All agents will move in, then hebert will be traped by rookies magnet
32. Hebert will try to get the golden puffel off the magent, Move the lights over the solar panel.
33. Hebert will get traped and G will come in to the room.
34. Click on G and let him speack
35. Rookie will give herbert him phone, and herbert will teleport.
36. Talk to G and finish the mission.

Hope this helps!
~Me12101 lime cheats president
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