Friday, December 12, 2008

Club penguin.....

Hiya Guys,

Well Rockhopper is here :-D

Rockhopper links:
Rockhopper Info
Rockhopper Tracker
How to get the Captains Quarters Key

Go to the Beach and go on to his ship:

And here is his Catalog, He brought back the free item, The red sailors cap

Coins for change is at the Beach, Rockhopper's ship and the Plaza!

Heres the igloo catalog cheats:

Click the Missle toe for the Leaning Tree

CLick the Velvet rope for the Welcome mat.

New Play at the stage!

Club penguin Brought Back My most Disliked play:

Theres one cheat on the catalog:

Click the Golden puffel for the Crook and Flail

New Postcards:

Check this out there are NEW post cards:

Pretty cool!

~Me12101 lime cheats president

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