Monday, November 10, 2008

NOW! look at the dojo

I never belived that there is acually ninjas coming to club penguin but... THERE IS!!! Look it says Training coming november 17!!! I cant belive this!!!! Thats the view of the dojo with the ninja tower on top And look at the roof! Looks like thier building a castle and Theye still have some snow to shovel and looks like ninja lockers Go to the town and click the "N" in nightclub Head off to the HQ and wait.. till you see ninjas and this: And remember the shadow in the lighthouse well if you wait it MOVES! Go to the plaza and wait to see a ninja on the roof Now go to the dojo click the light bulbs and then click the sign: ~Me12101 lime cheats Presidnet Ps \

Thanks Marine A23

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