Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nearing 3000... (And a few notes)

UPDATE: 5.11.08 - HIT 3000!

soz i havent posted in a while, but look at this pic, the nearest ill get to 3000!

8 more! lol ;-)

Just a few quick notes:

You HAVE to sign up for the LIME newslwtter! Its great!

Also the freaky chinese dude at the dojo roof. Everyone has different opinions on who he is, if you log on to a server now any nice 3-5 full server, go to the dojo roof and look at the speech, everyone is standing beside him saying, hes an alien, hes Rockhopper!, hes a ninja! i even heard while waddling around in Fjord one day, HES A DUCK!. Well we would ALL like to hear your opinions on who you think he is by commenting here on this post, (I think hes a Ninja Trainer, he has the look about him, the sort HI YAH!!!! movement *GONG CLASHES*) lol :-)

Well cya



  1. With the color of his skin (gray) I think hes a creepy old man with a shovel that people are scared of
    Like the old man across the street in the movie home alone! lol

  2. If u read the cloths catalog, u should know what penguins at work is. Mabey the next penguins at work will be diging. But why the dojo? I like the dojo. I hope it comes back!


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