Sunday, November 30, 2008

Me12101 gets Elite Penguin Force!

Hey guys EPF is awsome!

You get acsess to a secret room (Located through the cubert in HQ)

When you type in your code you get coins,a spy phone and a reward

This is what the reward looks like!

Here is the game:

This is the little paper that the code (to unlock online) went on:

This is the main menu:
It includes..

Here are the mini games:
Snow boarding
Cart surfer (new & improved from online version)
Ice Fishing (new & improved from online version)
Jetpack adveture (new & improved from online version)
Dance Challenge
Snow Trekker

And I find this interesting..On the back cover of the game Theres a missing sign with G on it!

Ill tell you more about as soon as I find out ;-)

Also click HERE for some help with the missions only for the nentendo DS game

~Me12101 lime cheats president

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