Sunday, November 23, 2008

Club Penguin Calls Me12101!

Update: It was jusy my firend prank calling me --> TY TEST A5A231 BREACKER CLOSING WIMDOW <--

You will not belive this... CP CALLED ME!

Heres the conversation:

Cp guy: Hello, Can I speack to ****** (My name)
Me12101: uhhh speacking, Who is this?
Cp guy: This is Jakie.
Me12101: Im still not sure who you are.
Cp guy: Im jakie of club penguin support!
Me12101: Yea..right, Serously who are you.
Cp guy: Im SEROUSLY Jakie of club penguin support.
Me12101: well what do you SEROUSLY want?
Cp guy: I want to talk to you about you penguin Bobbyjoes (bobbyjoes is my backup penguin).
Me12101: Go on..
Cp guy: It seems that hes banned forever.
Me12101: WHAT?????????? HES BANNED FOREVER!
Cp guy: LET ME FINISH! We have proof that he has been hacked, Be honest with me, do you have a club penguin cheat site?
Me12101: yea.... But the penguin I use for it is Me12101.
Cp guy: Ok well, Do you have any idea why Bobbyjoes was banned.
Me12101: No, No idea.
Cp guy: I KNEW IT!!!!!!!

Then the cp guy hung up :/
This is just odd, What do you think?


PS: Now Bobbyjoes is un-banned


  1. me! that contest for the rare member penguin i won! i emailed u and havent heard back!

  2. Uhh,Dude thats just (SERIOUSLY) weird! I email cp support a lot,but gettin a call,thats crazy! I wish Billybob called me and gave me the pass to his peng,rockhopper,aunt arctic,and gary. Cya ~TropikThundr

  3. lol funny,well make sure next to u find out more info to make sure its cp support lol


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