Friday, October 24, 2008

Yearbook pin stuff

Hey guys!

If your lookin for the anniversary party cheats click here
A lot of you have been reminding me to post this so i did!

On the october page click the candy to reveal the october pin!

On the november page click the space ship to reveal the november pin!

On the december page click the coins for change sight to reveal that pin

On the January-March page click the fish to reveal that pin!

On the april page click the green puffel to reveal that pin!

On the may page click the nose of the dragon tp reveal that pin!

On the June page click the eyes to the purple octopus to reveal that pin!

On the july page (limes first month) click the music jam stand to reveal that pin!

In the agest page click the medal to reveal that pin!

On the septhember page click the Green puffels mouth to reveal that pin

And thats all the Hidden pins in the 2007-2008 yearbook


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