Friday, October 17, 2008

Rockhopper and igloo catalogs

Update: Check out our new rockhopper info page

Alot of stuff today!

Here is the better igloos catalog:

Click the students desk for the chalkbourd
Click the fire in the pizza oven 2 times to get the fridge
And click the gutair stand for the music stand

Igloo upgrades catalog:
Click he crowbar for the secret stone igloo

Click the door of the duluxe stone igloo for the secret duluxe stone igloo

And that is the new music for igloos

Rockhopper arival:

That is his new catalog He brought back the eye patch

That is his Notice bourd in the captians quarters! (key on last page of his jornal in book room)

And thats the new sand catle postcard

And here is Tooly228's Famous rockhopper tracker:

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