Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mission 9 Cheat Guide!

Here is the written walkthrough:
1. Talk to G, after blabbering Pick up the three trackers, the kite blueprints and the ducky.
2. Go to the ski village, then the Ski Lodge.
3. Talk to the penguins that are "Trying" to play find four.
4. After blabbering, find there chips for then (They are around the ski lodge & attic).
5. Also, pick up the string under the rug.
6. Once youve got all the pecies, go back down stairs and give them to the penguins.
7.Go to the plaza and click the penguins and there puffles.
8. The bubble gum will go everywhere so tell them that youll help them.
9. Once they stip blabbering, click the peice of gum In between them.
10. They will thank you, Ask them for some of this gum and put the gum in your inventory.
11. Combinde the gum & the ducky.
12. Go to the forest and pick up the stick on the ground.
13. Combind the Kite bluprints and the stick.
14. Combind the kite-top and the string.
15. Add a tracker to the newly crated kite.
16. Go to the Ski mountain.
17. Put the kite with the tracker on the pole in the middle of the montain.
18. Go to the dock and talk to the penguin.
19. Help him start his boat by pulling the start cord.
20. Ask the penguin if you can take the pump.
21. take the pump.
22. COmbind the pump with the ducky and pump it till the ducky is full with air.
23. Combind the tracker with the ducky.
24. Go to the ice berg and put the ducky in the water to sail away.
25. Go to te mine shack.
26.Take to Rory and tell him that youll help.
27. CLick the wooden bourds on the side of the shack.
28. DO the following with the bourds:.

 29. Once finished talk to Rory again then Click the mine cart twice.
30. Weld the cracks.
31. Once finished talk to Rory again.
32. Put the last tracker in the cart then click the cart to make it go down the track.
33. Pick up your phone then go to HQ.
34. Talk to G then pick up the goggles.
35. Go to the ski village, Lodge, then out the gone fishing door.
36. Take the goggles our of your inventory, then Look across the frozen lake with them.
37. After watching Hebert youll recive a phone call, answer your phone then walk across the lake.
38. Pick up the sky phone.
39. Combind the spy phone and the goggles.
40. Drag the comided thing you made from your inventory then put it in the tree (Make sure its the right tree).
41. Go back to HQ and watch Hebert & Klutzy on the screen.
Now youve (hopefully) Finished the mission!
Dont forget to take your medal & reward
Hope this helped!
~Me12101 Lime cheats president
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