Friday, October 10, 2008

How to read the newspaper without it showing on CP

I found out this amazing glitch you can copy it but give me credit!

Step 1. Go to a non-chat server (has a speack balloon on the sever)

Step 2: Click the newspaper on the top left of your screen
Step 3: Keep pressing "tab" on your keybourd till theres a box around the snowball button then press enter

Step 4: make sure that the cursor for throwing a snowball can be sceen at the side of the paper Step 5: put the snowball cursur on the side of the paper and press tab till the box is over it the hit enter
step 6: Trow your snowball and you will be reading the news with no one even knowing you are!

You still can't move though :-(

If you copy this remember to give me credit thanks ;-)




  1. that is so cool i was getting close to find that cheat but well done for finding it!


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