Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The party is finnaly here!

First go to snow forts and pick up your pumpkin backet to go trick-or-treating! ;-)

Now go on your serch!

The first candy is at snow forts:

CLick the blue flag then waitt so the candy apperrs

Then head off to the dance lounge and click the lamp

Then go to the ski lodge and click the box in the corner!

Go to the plaza and click the bucket of green stuff

Go to the cove and click the swim at your risk sign!

Go to the iceberg and click the northern lights

Now go to the lighthouse beacon wait for the lightning to snap three times! and find the candy hidden in the light!

Last but not least go to the book room and click the book on the top shelf!

Now you have the giant pumpkin backround!

AND theres a secret rad scientist room JUST for members that have the rad scientist costume go to the book room and click the candel

There giving away free lanters in that room!

There two new halloween postcards!

~me12101 Lime cheats president

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