Sunday, October 19, 2008

Author contest!! (Final Round)

Welcome to round 3 the round where only the winners go....

Here are the winers of round 2..
  • Braveboy124
  • Nepoleon III
  • Tingtong09

Sorry for the people that didnt

Heres the questions...

If you live in Europe, Asia, or Australia answer this question: How long after Club Penguin updates do you get the pin/free items?CP updates at around 10 pm PST on the Thursday. Include what day and what time (PST) do you get it.

If you live in North America or South America answer this question: Do you get up at midnight or close to it to get the free items or pins? Those from Hawaii, answer the question listed in Europe, Asia or Australia.

Comment with the answers or email at

Note: You MUST have a goggle account to join lime



  1. ok lets say that the pdates come out on 12:00 a.m cpst time
    i get it 9:00 p.m (hawaii time)
    so i get it 3 hours before!
    p.s i couldnt kinda understand the question.

  2. UK
    So if updates r out at 10pm pst (6am 4 me) ill get them somewhere between 8 and 9 unless i wake up late (i usually dont).
    So i really hope i win!
    I MADE IT TO THE FINAL ROUND !! WOOT! am i gonna win? lol


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