Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And the winner is.......

Everybody welcome THE NEWEST LIME MEMBER!

and the winner is.......


Welcome to the team ting!
We have sent you e-mails

You almost didnt win:

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Tingtong09: 11 votes 43%
Nepoleon III: 10 votes 36%
Braveboy124: 6 votes 7%
I havent heard of them...: 7 votes 14%

Sorry if you didnt win!



  1. So close! But alas, not close enough :P

  2. AAAAH! wen i try to accept invattaion it comes up with error bX-b0uqh3 and i cant get on! NOOOOOO! other ppl r having the same problem tho, nonono!!!!!
    (thanx 4 voting 4 me everyone!)

  3. me i cant get on it has error bX-b0uqh3 loads of others are have the same problem! i reallly cant get on and its not just me look! https://www.blogger.com/i.do other ppl commentied sayin they cant get invatataion cos the error!
    Hopefully , we will work this out eventually :-|


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