Sunday, October 5, 2008

1500 hits Party best ever!

The party rocked here are the pics and featured penguins: when it first started
at the dock
the ski mountain about to sled race
at the ski lodge
still at the ski lodge

at the dock for the second time and it was limes time to shine
at my igloo yelling my name everywhere (click the picture to enlarge) i had to go :(
thats right 50 new postcard, i also had around 27 buddy requests

here are the featured penguins:
he was a good member of the party a person that participated well in the party

he cloned me and was dieing to be my buddy
um same reason as the last one i guess

Thanks for coming guys and we will have another one really soon!



  1. It was ur best party ever!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Lime it was the best party I ever went to! :)


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