Tuesday, August 19, 2008

todays things

1:ever wondered why the servers HAVE to be full on club penguin well lets all thank tooly228 for giving us a way to log in on full servers click here to see how

2. i hope most of you went to soccer's memorial lil did well late and i have seen pictures and i cant belive the room was full one time also from tooly228 he made a short slide shoe of the memorial
here it is

3. our party is tomorrow i cant wait, here is the schedule so you know where we are and during the party we will put a party tracker on our site so you know where we are

12:30 meet at me12101's igloo on the map
12:40 go to mountain for sled race
12:45 have a moment of silence for soccer in ski village
12:47 go to ski lodge and dance
12:50 play find four
1:o0 end of party

lil will feature two penguin and me12101 will feature two penguin
lil will take 3 screen shots and me12101 will take 3 screen shots


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