Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mission 8 Cheat Guide!

Here is the written Walkthough :
1. Talk to G

2. After blabbering click the hat behind him

3. Then click the hammer behind him.
4. Go to the dock and click on Herbert
5. after He leaves take the lamp that klutcy left behind
6. Follow the papers into the town ,  onve you can move go inside the coffee shop
7. talk to the coffee person and say youll help clean up the cookies
8. Click the cokies on the floor
9. Drag the cookies into the buket till all cleaned up`
10. Take the cookie that the coffee person will give you.
11. go to the town
12. Give the hat (From HQ) to the green puffel
13. Now give the puffel the cookie.
14. He will get the paper, pick it up.
15. Go to snowforts and chance the other peice of paper, click on the flag pole when its stuck.
16. Follow the paper to the plaza
17. Talk to the Penguin reading the news.
18. Go inside the Pizza Parlor and and order a pizza.
19. Take the pizza and give it to the penguin reading the newspaper.
 20. Ask the Penguin for his newspaper.
21. Take the Peice of paper out of the news and put it with the other peice
22. Go to the beach and pick up a net

23. Go inside the lighthouse
24. Talk to the orange penguin with the balloons and ask for the box
25. Go inside the Sports shop and take he tent pegs.
26. Go inside HQ, then talk to G
27. Go around the room and Click on the air tank

28. Talk to G again and ask about the air tank
29. Ask if you can take it.
30. Go back across the room and take the tank.

31. Take a balloon out of its box.
32. Combind the Ballon with the tank and pump up the balloon
33. Go to the town and put the Balloon at the corner of the gift shop
34. Place the net (From the beach) Under the gift shop when it lifts

35. Put the pegs (From the Sports shop) on the net.
36. Take the hammer, (From HQ) And hammer down the pegs.

37. Go to the dock and go in the hole.
38. Use the Paper (at the corner of screen) to know whitch way to go.
39. Use the Lamp (That you picked up earlier) for light.
40. Once done all turns Corretly Take the gear out of the drill machine.
41. Go inside the room ahead
42. Click on Hebert un till he notices you.
43. He will bang the Boliler, you will get a phone call, Fix the boiler
(this is very easy, just trade places of pipes until theres a clear route across.
44. Go back to HQ, give G the gear and finish the mission!
Hope that helped!
~Me12101 lime cheats President
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