Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mission 4 Cheat Guide!

And here is the written walktrough:
1. Talk To G
2. Go To The Gadget Room
3. Get the Life Preserver Shoot. Put it in your inventory.
4. Go to the ski village
5. Collect the white fur on the ski lifter pole. Put it in your inventory.
6. Go to the ski lodge.
7. Collect the fishing rod beside the door that says “Gone Fishing.” Put it in your inventory.
8. Go to the beach.
9. Go into the lighthouse.
10. Collect the rope on the boat. Put it in your inventory.
11. Go to the mountain.
12. Every person has a different way down. So try your own way.
13. Use the fishing rod with the Life Preserver Shoot. Then put the rope over it.
14. Put the machine over the hill.
15. Get the first penguin.
16. Put the first one by the rock.
17. Break the branch over the second one.
18. Collect the first one back.
19. Use him to catch the second one.
20. Put the second one where you picked up the first one.
21. Get the third one.
22. Put all the three penguins beside the rock. It will fall. Collect them back.
23. Collect the last one.
24. Talk to G now.
25. Give G the fur.
26. Congratulations your finished the fourth mission. Collect your medal and letter.

Hope this helped!

~Me12101 Lime cheats President
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