Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mission help for Elite Penguin Force!

Mission #1:

1. Firstly, talk to Aunt Arctic, and proceed to the Coffee Shop.

2. In the coffee shop, read through the newspaper on the table.

3. Then, click on the blue puffle, which will give you a piece of paper.

4. Proceed to the penguin behind the counter, and speak to him.

5. Then, go to the Snow Forts, where the snowman is. Speak to him, and you will be given another piece of paper.

6. Approach the light blue penguin, who will ask you for his hat. Click on the blue puffle after this and aim at the snow target.

7. After handing over the hat to the penguin, receive the disguise glasses he gives.

8. Next, head over to the Plaza. At the mailbox, click on it and you will get another piece of paper.

9. Then, head over to the Dock. Click on the red inner tubes for another piece of paper.

10. Now, gather all the pieces of paper, which will form a map.

11. Then, go to the Lighthouse. Click on the barrel where the penguin will jump out.

12. Take the map from that penguin. Head over to the Dojo, talk to Dot. You will have completed the 1st mission.

Mission #2:

1. Firstly, speak to Dot to receive your puffle pin. Then, proceed to click on the walls with eight boards which have the puffle pin.

2. Once redirected to the screen, take the pin to rotate it to the bottom right, for it to fit.

3. You will be brought to another room, where the director will speak to you. He will leave and a penguin with a red puffle will appear.

4. The penguin will ask you to work with the red puffle, whose name is ‘Blast’.

5. Head over to the other box, touch on Blast and aim at the box.

6. After the box is destroyed, talk to PH, who will give you a puffle whistle.

7. Head over to the Ski Village and speak to Dot. Now, go into the Sport Shop and talk to Dot again.

8. Now, click on the first Curtain. You will be brought to the HQ, where you have to speak to Dot.

9. At the closet, enter the code as: 3000

10. After clicking on it, speak to Dot once again, and the director will approach you. Add the 2 blue objects to your inventory to make a spy gadget.

11. Head left, and destroy the box with Blast.

12. Pick up the telescope and attach it to the Spy Gadget, to make an improvised gadget.

13. At the screen, click your spy gadget and drag the symbol beside the HQ over to the screen. This will unlock a notepad and a code.

14. Take down the code, which says: Red Blue Blue Red Red Blue. Exit, come to the box once again and enter the code to obtain a satellite dish.

15. Attach this to your spy gadget. After this, Dot will call you through your spy phone.

16. The director would talk to you too, and the mission would be completed.

Mission #3:

1. Firstly, speak to Dot and head over to the Ski Lodge. Talk to the ill penguin.

2. Head over to the back part of the Pizza Parlor, where there will be soup under the middle table. Pick this up and head back to the Ski Lodge. Give this to the ill penguin.

3. The ill penguin will then give a red snowboard. Put the snowboard on, and head over to the Ski Hill.

4. Challenge the penguin with the blue snowboard there. You have to get 400 points to win.

5. Obtain your trophy after winning, and hand it over to the ill penguin at the Ski Lodge. He will let you keep the red snowboard.

6. Go back to the Ski Hill and snowboard once again.

7. Follow the trail to Rookie’s campsite, and use Bouncer, the blue puffle, to put out the campfire.

8. Follow the remaining footprints to the river, where you talk to Rookie.

9. Call Dot using your Spy Gadget. She will send someone over to save both of you. You will then end up in the HQ.

10. Now, click on the glasses and the EPF Badge. Awesome! Now you’re an official member of the Elite Penguin Force, and you have completed the 3rd mission.

Mission #4:

1. After speaking to the director, take the file on the table.

2. Show the file to Dot and Jet Pack guy.

3. Head over to the Sport Shop. Talk to the clerk, and give the file. The clerk will give you Gary’s glasses.

4. Head back to the HQ and head over to the Eye Scan 3000, and start a scan on Gary’s glasses.

5. Head inside the gadget room, to the table with the boom box and the clock. Take the Mechno Duster.

6. Go to the Ski Hill. Here, use your Mechno Duster on a pile of Snow. You will obtain a bent key.

7. Back at the Sport Shop, speak to Dot. Use the key to open the door, and this mission is complete.

Mission #5:

1. Speak to PH and go to the town.

2. There, talk to Aunt Arctic and you will be given a postcard.

3. Inside the coffee shop, use the Mechno Duster to clean the coffee beans. A pin would be rewarded.

4. Now, combine the pin and the card, and hand it over to the worker.

5. Back at the town, let Aunt Arctic sign it.

6. Over at the Snow Forts, hand over the card to both penguins and go into the puffle training room.

7. Give the card to Flare, and use him to point the key at the anvil. They will be welded together.

8. Head over to the Sport Shop, and unlock Gary’s room using the key. Now, go in.

9. Head over to the Globe, and use the decoder on the Blueprints. It will be decoded as ” Super Power Flashlight”.

10. At the orange sofa, pick up the map. At the table, click on the piece of paper to let other agents know know your whereabouts. Leave the room, and Mission #5 is complete.

Mission #6:

1. At the Mine Shack, talk to the penguin.

2. Click on the water right at the opening, and then go into the side door of the Mine Shack.

3. Now, click on the wheel just near the door, click on the yarn, and then on the ground right beside the lantern.

4. After bringing the wheels out, use Flare to weld them together with the bucket.

5. Now, the cart in your inventory, head into the Mine Shack and put your cart on the track. Then, cart surf.

6. Approach the upside turned cart. Then, go around and pick up those 3 ropes and yellow balloons.

7. Attach the rope to your cart. Take Blast along to knock the boulder out from the ledge.

8. Blow the balloons one after one and attach them to the mine cart.

9. Now, with the flashlight, attach it to your Spy Gadget.

10. Click the lightbulb on your Spy Gadget and shine it through the tunnel, to locate Gary. Use Blast to help break through all the boards in your path.

11. After this, you will be brought back to the HQ, and the mission is over.

Mission #7:

1. Talk to the PH in the bubble. He would ask you to search for a pointy object.

2. At the bamboo patch, click the lower portion, and PH will pop out.

3. Head to the Ice Rink, and speak to the foam-fingered penguin. He will give you instructions.

4. Using Bouncer, throw 3 goals at the goalie. The third attempt would work.

5. PH will call you now, asking you to come to the puffle training room with Loop.

6. Now, train Loop to aim accurately at the jet pack.

7. Now you need to fine Pop, who is a purple puffle. He is at the nightclub. But you need some fancy clothes to enter the Night Club.

8. For this, head to the Stage and speak to the Stage Manager and the Construction Worker. Now, use the help of Loop to stop the drill from functioning.

9. As a token of appreciation, the Manager will give you a choice between a fancy suit or a fancy dress. Pick one of ‘em.

10. Enter the nightclub and prepare for a dance-off. Win this game for Pop.

11. A sudden tremor will occur. Head to the Boiler Room, and the boiler will be missing.

12. Using Pop, lift the cabinet and pick up the oil can.

13. Head back to the Mine to meet up with Dot. Talk to her and you will be back to the HQ. Mission Accomplished.

Mission #8:

1. Speak to the Jetpack Guy, and take the Jetpack by the Launching Ramp.

2. Now, play Jetpack Adventure. You will be brought to the tallest mountain on Club Penguin for your final step of your puffle training.

3. Talk to PH and train Flit by collecting the three golden rings. ( This can be done when you click on Flit and then the ring).

4. After giving the rings to PH, you will train with Chirp.

5. Break the ice cube using Chirp, by clicking on him and clicking the object. Do this more than once.

6. Now, click the box for a hat similar to PH.

7. Now, click on the grappling hook for your final level of training.

8. At the puffle training room, use Pop to lift the weight. Use Chirp’s help to break the snow globe.

9. Use Flare’s help to melt the ice on the chest.

10. Now using bouncer, cool the ice down.

11. To knock the pinata out, use Blast.

12. Use Loop to stop the “Jack in the Box” from moving.

13. Get hold of the key to open the chest. Use Filt to get the note, and this mission is complete.

Mission #9:

1. After talking to the director, go into G’s room, located at the Sport Shop.

2. After a speech with G, head to the Coffee Shop.

3. After Rookie is done talking, talk to the worker.

4. Take the cocoa machine and go into the gadget room.

5. After speaking to G, place the Cocoa Machine on the Snow Trekker, where u have to assemble everything together.

6. Then, in your Spy Gadget, select Snow trekker and play the game.

7. You will end up in a cave after this, Go in and pick up the oil can.

8. At the exit you will get trapped. There, you must use Pop for the boulder to be lifted, and use Blast to break all the wood.

9. Go out, and you would notice that the trekker had moved. Play once again and you will be brought to the Mine Shack.

10. Clear up the pile beside the penguin using the Mechano-Duster. Pick up G’s gadget.

11. Show it to G at the Gadget Room. After he does some drawing, head over to the command room, and your mission is complete.

Mission #10:

1. Call Rookie, and he will tell you to head down to the Plaza.

2. Help rookie by welding the metal the booth. You need Flare for this.

3. By the pet shop, there will be a paper. Pick it up, connect the dots, and call Jet Pack guy.

4. He will ask you to come to the Ice Pond behind the Ski Lodge. Talk to him.

5. Play Ice-Fishing. Take the treasure chest to win.

6. After this is done, connect the dots in the Book.

7. Call Dot, head to the Nightclub where another clue will be given.

8. After connecting the dots, go to the gadget room and hand over the clues to Gary. He will give you the final feature to your spy gadget. Mission accomplished.

Mission #11:

1. Head to the gift shop and let Pop lift the boxes.

2. Use the help of Bouncer to throw a snowball at the robot’s face.

3. Head up to the roof and throw another snowball at the robot.

4. Next, use Flare to weld the wheels.

5. On the robot’s chest, use the robotomy tool. There will be 3 puzzles for you to solve. Just try to move the battery down to the hole.

6. After capturing the robot by using Pop, bring him back to the gadget room and hand him over to Gary. Your mission is complete.

Mission #12:

1. Now, go to the Ski Hill. Make use of your snowboard to chase him, and use Blast to knock him down.

2. Catch the robot when he falls by using Loop.

3. Using the robotomy tool, turn the robot off.

4. When the final robot comes, Jet Pack dude will float. Ask him for permission to use his jet pack.

5. At the pile of objects, pick up the gas can. Now play Jet Pack.

6. On the tallest mountain now, try wrapping a bubble around the turned off robot. Beware of the other robot though.

7. Using Flint, knock the coffee bag on his head and using Chirp,disable the other robot too.

8. Add both robots to your inventory and mission completed.

Mission #13:

1. Answer your spy phone and you will be brought to the HQ.

2. Look at the huge hole in the Gadget Room.

3. After this, play Snow Trekker and you will end up in the high mountains, where there is a humungous robot holding Gary and the trained elite puffles in custody.

4. Go to the roof of the Gift Shop. Using the Mechno-Duster, tickle the robot’s nose, and Blast will fall down to the Town Center. Check if he’s alright.

5. Now head to the dock. Apply Blast to the body of the robot, and Loop will be freed from the giant.

6. Head to the Ski Village, and use Rookie’s rubber duck for Loop to tie the robot. Flare will be freed.

7. Travel to the beach. Using Flare to weld on the robot’s chest will lead to Flit being freed.

8. Head up to the Beacon and use Flit to knock out the robot’s head using the anvil, and Bounce will jump out. Go after him with the jetpack.

9. On the tallest mountain, use Bouncer to throw a snowball. This will lead to Chirp being freed.

10. To rescue Gary, use a bubble.

11. Disable this giant robot, and thats it! You would have completed all 13 Elite Penguin Force Missions!
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